Dreamhost Coupon and Best Small Business Web Host

Online Small Business Coach has a DreamHost coupon just for you! Learn why we have named DreamHost the best small business web host, why they are our recommended hosting resource and how to save $50 off web hosting.

DreamHost Coupons

DreamHost coupons work with just a click! Click the button to get started with hosting your website and you will instantly save $50 off! We are affiliates of DreamHost and use their services.

Dreamhost Coupons

Keep reading to learn why we recommend DreamHost as the best small business web host and how you not only save $50 – you get a free domain as well. This seriously is a killer deal!

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That’s right, there are no Dreamhost coupon codes or promo codes needed, just click this link to save $50 off of web hosting.

Best Small Business Web Host

Looking for web hosting for small business?  Let me break down why we are recommending DreamHost and why we feel that they are the best small business web host.

We don’t just refer you to a business blindly. Personally, for the last 9 years, we have used DreamHost for several websites. In addition to personally using their services, we have recommended them to numerous clients.

Best Small Business Web Host Award Dream Host

Let’s break down the reasons on why we use and recommend this company and name them the Best Small Business Web Host.

$50 Off Promo Also Includes

In addition to the $50 off you will receive when you use our DreamHost link, you will get the following services. This promo offers a HUGE savings! Act now!

Dreamhost Review and Discount Overview

Get a Free Domain Name 

When you use our link to purchase a hosting plan, in addition to receiving $50 off, you will also receive a free domain name, unlimited space and bandwidth!

Did you know a domain name costs $15 on average? That’s right, you also get a free domain name – so that’s like another $15 off!

Free Email Accounts

Having a professional email associated with your domain is an important step in branding. Our DreamHost coupon also includes free email hosting. Your small business will be able to create and manage as many email addresses as you’d like, with unlimited POP/IMAP/SMTP accounts. Bonus – you can also implement unlimited auto-responders and more like setting limits on email storage.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

Do you have multiple domains registered? With DreamHost, you can host unlimited domains for one price. That’s right, host and manage as many websites and domains as you’d like all within one account at no extra charge.

Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t like the service, DreamHost offers a 97 day money back guarantee.  They are so confident in their hosting that if you cancel within the first 97 days, we will return all your money, minus any domain registration fees.

WordPress Hosting

We are big WordPress fans and WordPress hosting is easy when using DreamHost. They offer a one-click install which means they are taking the technical work out of installing WordPress. WordPress isn’t just a content management platform to use if you have a blog!

You can build full websites using WordPress and with the open nature and wide use of the CMS platform – it’s easy to find any add-ons or support that you may need.

Click to Save on DreamHost!

Web Hosting Comparison

We have worked with several small business clients and colleagues that have used other web hosting services before moving to DreamHost. There are a multitude of web hosting options in today’s marketplace. DreamHost continues to be a solid, affordable web hosting option for small businesses.

Web host comparison dreamhost vs

To better give you some reasons why we choose DreamHost over other companies, let’s do a web hosting comparison. Hopefully this will give you a better idea on why using Dreamhost is the best option.

GoDaddy vs DreamHost

GoDaddy has been around for a long time. With big budgets for advertising, they do a great job in getting their name out in regards to web hosting.  Originally our domains were hosted with GoDaddy, but to be completely transparent – after the Super Bowl commercial with the GoDaddy girl and just how sleazy it rubbed me the wrong way and our domains were moved to DreamHost from GoDaddy.

Upsell and Long Term Costs

With any new services, there is the upsell offer. To setup an email, you are offered a discount for Outlook web – for the first year. You may save 50% off the first year, but GoDaddy has you on auto-bill so next year, you will be paying. And something as simple as setting up an email shouldn’t cost you anything! You receive free unlimited email accounts when you host with Dream host.

Long-term costs are outrageous. We have one client who has been with GoDaddy for years, simply because that was what was easiest. They have multiple domains that require hosting and email accounts. Each of these accounts costs money. They are on a shared hosting plan, but have to pay for each domain that they host. We estimated that they could easily save over $1000 a year by moving to DreamHost.

BlueHost vs DreamHost

BlueHost is a popular web hosting service that we personally have first hand experience with. When we first moved to WordPress for our tech blog, we hosted with BlueHost. BlueHost is affordable, but I am going to be totally transparent in why I do not refer BlueHost to clients.

  • SLOW Server Speed – The biggest thing I found with BlueHost vs DreamHost is the web server speed. At BlueHost, it always felt laggy. There are multiple things that contribute to your website loading but web server speed is controlled by the host.
  • Constant Issues – We had constant downtime issues. You don’t want your website down, especially when you run a blog and that is your storefront. Imagine the electricity going off in your office. You cannot function, this is the equivalent to downtime!
  • Viruses – With WordPress being open-source, there is always the risk of viruses and vulnerability. For some reason, the websites that we had hosted on BlueHost always were dinged and anytime we asked for support and help – we were offered the service for a fee.
  • Support – BlueHost support was always lacking and not helpful. When you have a website issue, you need immediate support. DreamHost support has been great. Anytime there has been a question, we found it best to jump on live chat.

HostGator vs DreamHost

As someone who has been in the blogging space for over 16 years, you hear people talk. Time and time again, there are complaints about HostGator. HostGator vs DreamHost WordPress hosting is the same price when you use our DreamHost coupon.

A quick search for HostGator in a Facebook blogging group revealed: As an example, once my site was down for 3 whole days because Hostgator crashed and deleted, yes DELETED my site accidentally. 

We haven’t heard HostGator’s side on the above situation, but the blogger is a reputable blogger with a large following and has no reason to post this but to let other bloggers know that she does NOT recommend HostGator.

Click to Save on DreamHost!

Web Hosting for Large Traffic Sites

This offer include shared web hosting which is great for the small business who have web traffic under 50,000 page views a month. Once you hit the 75,000 page views a month range, you may consider moving to one of their other services such as a dedicated hosting plan or VPS hosting. Their team is wonderful to work with and can give you all the details on migration and which hosting service is best for your company.

We run all of our company websites thru DreamHost with the exception of Digital Mom Blog. Digital Mom Blog is a heavy traffic tech blog, which we host with BigScoots.

Coupon Disclaimer

* The DreamHost coupon offered by Online Small Business Coach is valid for new DreamHost customers only. Your promo code will be applied at checkout. Domain offer limited to .com, .net, .org, .info, or .club and is free for 1st year only with annual hosting plans – pay once not per month. Special offer pricing is based on a one (1) year shared hosting plan.