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Equipping small business owners with tools, inspiration, knowledge & resources for growth.

Tools, Knowledge, Inspiration & Resources For Growth

We are your Online Small Business Coach and we are here to equip small business owners with tools, knowledge, inspiration  & resources for growth.

Online Small Business Coach is centered around small business. You won’t hear talk of big budget or high-priced services, we keep things practical, easy to understand and relevant to marketing and running a business in 2018.

As a business owner, you cannot know everything. In this day in age, things change quickly and the clock just keeps ticking. That’s where we come in.

Every day we hear from business owners who struggle in various areas of running a company and are wanting to know how to create growth. We are here to help you connect the dots and achieve those business goals. We want to help you win in business.

The Online Small Business Coach

Molly Thornberg

Molly Thornberg


Hi, I’m Molly Thornberg, the Online Small Business Coach.

Technology and marketing changes daily. While it may seems like the opportunities are endless, not all opportunities are worth while.

I constantly hear from small business owners who are stuck. They are spent with the day-to-day of running their businesses and don’t know which way to turn, which opportunity to pursue or how to gain new costumers. This is where I can help.

The last 20 years, my career has had me building, growing, nurturing and innovating for both large and small businesses. A highlight has been helping traditional companies move from the offline world to the online world and watching them thrive in digital space.

In 2017, I shifted my focus to business consulting and launched Hustle and Wow. In 2018, Hustle and Wow and my business consulting firm were merged to form Online Small Business Coach. Our focus is specifically helping equip small business owners with with tools, inspiration, knowledge & resources for growth.

Small business runs deep in my blood. My parents and siblings are all small business owners. We were raised with an entrepreneurial mindset. I started my first small business at the age of 18. I know the struggles, the hustle and the wins and look forward to using this knowledge to help inspire you and your business to grow.

You can learn more about me personally and professionally at mollythornberg.com.


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