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Introducing Online Small Business Coach

We have all heard the quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

Online Small Business Coaching

As small business owners, most of us feel this way – but let’s be honest. While it may not be “work” there is still stress and it’s all a huge puzzle that we are trying to put together on a daily basis.

We get so stuck in a rut on anything from inventory, product launches or accounting – that sometimes we just can’t process it all. That’s where Online Small Business Coach comes in.

Our Mission 

Our mission here at Online Small Business Coach is to help small business grow. Plain and simple, we only build and create things that will help your small business grow.

Our Why

Next, let’s talk about our why. Here is a little backstory into the why behind Online Small Business Coach. 

For the last 20+ years my career has been consulting and coaching companies in finding ways to grow their offline business online. In 2017, I stepped back from large companies and started focusing on small businesses.

Small Businesses are Not Utilizing the Internet

While we are in 2018, and if you are reading this you have an internet connection – there are so many companies – with the majority being small businesses, are still in the dark when it comes to marketing and digital.

From my experience, small business owners get overwhelmed. Many are afraid of the unknown and don’t want to take any risks. I’ve even heard “we don’t want to compete with Amazon.”

helping small businesses grow

Competing with Amazon is not why you bring your business online. There is so much business growth opportunity in the digital space and it doesn’t have to be frightening or scary, but you do have to take the leap and create action.

The same goes with online businesses.

Online Businesses are Missing Opportunities Offline

There are so many online businesses that do nothing offline. If you are fine with where your busy currently is, that’s great – but if you are looking to grow your small business – there are numerous ways offline that can benefit you. Yes, even if your company does not have a brick and mortar!

Huge Void in Educating Small Businesses

In addition to wanting to help companies grow both in the online and offline space, I feel there is a HUGE VOID with business blogs and business podcasts.

There is a ton of GREAT information available for small businesses, but the way it is delivered is overwhelming.

Some of these amazing podcasts with fabulous interviews are chock-full of goodness, but I am always left thinking – “OMG, WHERE DOES SOMEONE START?”

Intentional Resources for Creating Action

We are intentionally creating our resources to be right-sized so that you can digest the information, learn and more importantly know how to take action.

So how are we going to help you learn, process, digest and take action?  We are equipping entrepreneurs and small business owners like yourself with tools, inspiration, knowledge & resources for growth.

Let us help you grow your small business. Here are a variety of ways to stay connected:

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As your Online Small Business Coach, we can’t wait to see your wins. Thanks for connecting with us. Stay tuned – so much more goodness ahead.  

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