Get a New Perspective On How to Market Your Business

Our Marketing Audit provides you with a snapshot of ways you can market your business. Our audit will give you insight into how your business ranks online, how to increase online exposure, customized suggestions for how to market to your audience and identifying online and offline opportunities for business growth.

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Whether you are looking to jump start an existing small business or kick start a new venture, we can help. Our Marketing Audit is setup to give you a thorough look at where your business currently is, and opportunities for growth.

Our Marketing Audit gives fresh eyes to your business. You will receive expert perspective in regards to identifying how to take your business to the next level both online and offline.

You will receive a detailed report and video chock full of information, suggestions and guidance on what steps to take next for helping your business grow.

Our Marketing Audit turn around is currently 5 business days. 

Ready To Gain a Full Perspective Of Your Business Opportunities?

What We Will Dig Into


Is your brand consistent?  Does each business touchpoint speak your brand?

With the Marketing Audit, we evaluate your online presence and provide feedback to how your brand consistency is felt from a third party perspective.

Social Media Management

We will check each of your social accounts, review engagement and provide a list of suggestions to make sure your small business is using social media wisely.

Social media is an amazing way to market your business, but you have to find the right channel and language to talk to your audience, our Marketing Audit will help you do just that.

Identifying Your Audience

Who is your audience? We will help walk you thru finding your ideal customer.

When you know exactly who your audience is, you will be able to grasp a better understanding of how and who to market to.


We give a high-level SEO audit to your online presence and report back with exactly how you are found when searched.

Our Marketing Audit includes suggested keywords to help boost your rankings, as well as other SEO tips to make sure that your audience is able to find you.

Fresh Eyes

We are able to give you a perspective that you are not able to see. With fresh eyes, comes a fresh perspective.

Learn from a third party, what is working, what is not working and where you can grow from here.

360 Degree Approach

Your Marketing Audit is full-perspective report that isn’t on just one area of your business.

Our goal is to help you grow. By looking at the complete picture of your business with our 360 degree approach, our Marketing Audit enables you to learn opportunities for growth in all areas.

Website Overview

How does your website sell your business?

Our Marketing Audit reviews how your website can be serve your business. You will receive detailed reporting on search-ability,  page speed, keywords ranked for and practical tips to help you grow your business thru your website.

Marketing Channels

Learn new ways and opportunities to expand your business.

Your Marketing Audit will provide you with different marketing solutions both online and offline that can help increase your exposure.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done

With our Marketing Audit, you will come away with a zoomed out snap-shot of where you are now, and what you need to do to moving forward.

You will receive customized recommendations that will help give you new perspective and clarity on how your business is viewed. where you business can go, the marketing channels that are you worth your time and money and understanding of how to make change happen.