So Easy.

Just Call & Record

How To Record Your Business Tip for the Online Small Business Coach Podcast

Short, simple and informative –  you have 3 minutes to provide your business tip and context as to how this has helped your business grow.


What to Say

Don’t know what to say? No problem! We have a simple guide and example script. 

How This Works

A little FYI into how the process works and how your audio business tip fits in.

Let's Record!

Show time! After you’ve read the example and FYI, let’s record your podcast episode!

What and How to Record

All you need is your phone and words of business wisdom.

Podcast Format

We would like for each episode to have the podcast include the following: 

  • Your name
  • Your business name
  • Business tip
  • How this business tip has helped your business grow

Use Your Own Words

We want this to be simple. No fretting – quick and easy. You can say this however you like.This is for those of you that like examples, this is for you. If I were a guest of my own podcast – my recording would sound look like this: 

“Hi, This is Molly Thornberg from the Online Small Business Podcast. Here is a business tip that I has helped me – so hope it helps you and your business as well. 

Facebook Groups. Facebook groups, do you use them? There is so much more to Facebook Groups than Instant Pot recipes! I am apart of several for various aspects of my life, but I’ve found a lot of great information in groups that are related to what my business does online.

Because of these Facebook groups – I have met other small business owners that are in the same boat that I am in. It has been great to have an online network of people that I have been able to utilize to help share ideas with. 

Bonus, when they need help – I am able to return the favor with any words of wisdom that I may have on the subject.

A Facebook group that I would recommend for any working moms who own their own business is Boss Moms. “

You can make this sound however you want! This is for those of you that like examples. 

How This Works

Just a little FYI, don't worry - we won't leave you hanging.

Think of This as a Meal

Your business tip audio will be wrapped in content that will open and close the episode. 

plate knife and fork

Think of this podcast episode as a meal. We will be providing the appetizer, salad, drinks (duh) and dessert. You are bringing the main dish. 

Podcast Shout Out

Also – remember that Podcast Guest form you filled out?

podcast shout out

We make sure that your business name and URL is mentioned. You will also be linked on the website on the podcast episode web page!

Let's Record a Podcast Episode

Where to call to record your episode.

Let’s Record!

Are you ready? You’ve got this! 

record podcast

Call this number and leave your business tip. Remember the script above and there is a 3 minute limit.


You can all anytime, yes – even at 3 am. We get it.

Thank You!

We appreciate your contribution.

Podcast Launch

We are excited to help small business owners grow their business. Your contribution will help small businesses do just that. 

launching rocket podcast online small business coach

The Online Small Business Coach Podcast launches in December 2018. We will send you an email as our launch date is finalized!